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Gift size

I have put the pictures with the smallest measurement in this category. The photos are high quality giclée prints. The pictures are produced with materials that ensure they retain their colour scheme for a long time. All prints come with the Jánosdevcsics-logo, the title of the picture, and the inscription “details” in block letters. A sticker on the back of the picture verifies the piece is an original Janosdevcsics art. The pictures are sold in high quality frame, but as per special request can also be bought without a frame.

Ajándék méret, Gift size

Ajándék méret,
Gift size

 GALLERY SIZE (signed)

This category is created for those who want something different beyond the usual ones. This section is not only a simple gift, but it is a real photo art that retains its value. The properties of the photo outshine the simple photo or poster. It is real fine art photograph. My signature is on print in the bottom right corner. My signature certifies that it is an image I wanted to create. The photos are made from the best materials by the best expert. I dare to suggest buying it for the ones who want to possess stable value photo.

Galéria méret, Gallery size

Galéria méret,
Gallery size


I consider these photos as a decoration opportunity. The pictures are secured on expofoam, a carrier surface to ensure the photos do not deform.  I’d like to satisfy the demand for my pictures by a wider audience with this category. The pictures in this category show my name and the inscription “details” only in printed format. This guarantees that the picture is from me (János Devcsics) compliant to Hungarian copyright laws. These pictures are not limited editions, meaning unlimited copies may be available. The pictures are available only in fragments. I do not consent to reuniting the fragments to form a unit in order to suggest the original unified piece. The unified piece is available only in limited edition format or in gallery-size.

" details "

” details “

 limited edition

I, János Devcsics, the artist of these pictures guarantee not only to you, but to the wide audience that the pictures in sizes designated by me are published only in predefined numbers. It guarantees that there are only a few copies of the limited edition picture you have chosen. This increases the value of the picture. That’s why there is a serial number on the bottom right corner of the limited edition photo you have purchased. This number is indicated in the format customary in fine art photography. Also you receive a certificate of rightful ownership of the picture.

Korlátozott kiadás, Limited edition

Korlátozott kiadás,
Limited edition