Photograph transfer

THE  TRANSPORTATION OF FRAMED PICTURES  Once you have chosen the picture it will be printed .

  If you have chosen a gallery or a limited -size picture, the picture will obtain a signature and numbering ( limited edition only) , so you can be sure to get a picture of your choice according to your need. After printing, the pictures get to a professional framer where I’m going to choose the style of the picture frame and matting . If you want to decide what kind of matting and framing you want for  the picture , then of course it is prepared for you. The picture is placed in all cases, tropical wood museum quality framing and matting and a stable fixed rear panel , which protects it from deformity.  If the work is done , the picture gets to a professional wrapping company that wraps up  the picture so that it can get to you safely and securely .


  If you buy only my prints , the framing process will be skipped. In this case, after  printing, signature,  verification the picture is put into a cardboard cylinder , it is closed , addressed and then sent  to you . Only shipping companies are employed  which can  work on the follow-up to ensure that baggage is conveyed . In a follow-up you will be sent an e-mail in which there will be a the package code, and if you’re on the phone or desktop at any time, you can check where you the pictures.are.. However, you should always keep in mind if you buy prints that you can take the photo to a framer, who is prepared to frame the print  with Advanced Photo Paper . In this state, because ( as printed ) the picture area is vulnerable, and thus injury can be caused ,and unfortunately guarantee  cannot be taken .

Transportation and customs clearance

If the package is ready, we can send you the picture. Only those who can  work on the follow-up to ensure baggage are employed . For the follow-up , the package code will be sent to you in an email, and any time you can check where the package is on the phone or on desktop.

If the picture has arrived in your country, customs clearance can be required. This is especially the case in  the countries outside the European Union . Duration of customs varies by country , may be a few days or even a few weeks away . You can inquire about it in your country’s customs office . The monitoring system informs you about the clearance, so you will see if the package is already in the customs office of your host country.