Janos Devcsics Fine Art Photographer

I am Janos Devcsics a Fine art  photographer.

Photos and pictures can be found everywhere in our lives, we can see pictures wherever we look. They are in newspapers, posters, advertisements, billboards, pamphlets, and even on our note boards. I think, on the other hand, we forget about the real image a bit, the picture giving us a memorable experience. I mean the pictures we can hang on the wall or we can put on the mantelpiece of the fireplace. They are the ones which make our homes unique and decorate our rooms.

I am János Devcsics, my profession is taking photos. I think the real forms of photos are the ones that you can touch and hold in your hands. Maybe a photo looks nice on the screen of a television or on the pages of a newspaper, but how will it be a real picture?

A lot of tasks demanding the knowledge of an expert have to be done: from choosing the image carriers through printing to mounting till it becomes the worthy decoration of the interior.

It is my job: I take pictures. My pictures are not made in factories, they are not mass products. I take photos; it is me who controls them from exposure to wrapping up.

I live in Hungary. This is the same country where Robert Capa and André Kertész come from.

I am similar to them not only because I am a photographer but I also dare to dream about something great. I am aware of the fact, that people like the beautiful. I want to show them by presenting my pictures the beauty of the world as I see it.