Interior Design with picture

Interior Design with picture

A nice photo work of art in itself is value. Its beauty can explicate in the right environment. A beautiful image makes it really beautified our apartment or style to our living room. Together they make up the luxurious visuals that you want in our home.

Turn the story. I know that the interior style of an existing atmosphere basically can be changed with a photo on the wall. Often only one other photographic works to cause such a radical change.  Like a diamond of beauty is emphasized on jewellery.   (Like a diamond of beauty set up jewelry.) The diamond is valuable in itself, as the gold jewellery is valuable in itself too. But still, the princely necklace is with diamond. A real spectacle is.

The photograph, as home furnishings things is able to change your mood or atmosphere of house.

Let’s go back your home decor from previous example to mood-changing ability of art photography. If you want to update the look of your home, you seek after an interior designer. In general, the interior designer give an advice that you throw out the couch and buy another one. Okay, this could well be right.

But, you must buy  a new couch, at that time you must change a chair. At that same time new chair is need to a new table. But you can already changed the curtains too, and the lights cannot remain the old ones … can you follow these? If only we speak about couch, these question have solved simply. But it’s not just a couch. At the time, you had seek it when you selected the right pieces. It was important to be comfortable and headquarters for family. By the time, he also has been changing the interior of your home favourite, but you only wanted a small update. Not incidentally, Your purse is freed from lot of money by interior designer. Almost all interior decorators recommend it. But if you know anything who do not make it. Tell me, please. (I know of one).

I have a good news for you.  I can give an advice which does not involve the transformation of the entire apartment and you can hold your favourite furniture. But still the home atmosphere will change fundamentally, and this do not even have to move your furniture. You do not have to discard from the beloved couch, where every Christmas family sat, perhaps even those who can no longer be with us today. And how does this happen? I would like to introduce through a few simple examples. A classic, somewhat gloomy atmosphere of Interior will be sampled.

A klasszikus stílusú, sötét tónusú szék és asztal önmagában, hasonló stílusú képpel a falon, komoly, komor hangulatot áraszt.

A klasszikus stílusú, sötét tónusú szék és asztal önmagában, hasonló stílusú képpel a falon, komoly, komor hangulatot áraszt.

Egy nagyméretű tájképpel azonnal eltűnik a komor hangulat.

Egy nagyméretű tájképpel azonnal eltűnik a komor hangulat. Szinte hallani véljük a tenger morajlását is.

Ha több kisebb színes képpel díszítjük a falat, rögtön az az érzésünk támadhat, hogy egy egészen más enteriőrt nézünk, mint az előzőek.

Ha több kisebb színes képpel díszítjük a falat, rögtön az az érzésünk támadhat, hogy egy egészen más enteriőrt nézünk, mint az előzőek.

Ha egy nagyméretű díszes épületről készített fotót teszünk a falra, az segít kiemelni a bútoraink formáit, díszítését. Nézzék csak milyen pazar a látvány.

Ha egy nagyméretű díszes épületről készített fotót teszünk a falra, az segít kiemelni a bútoraink formáit, díszítését. Nézzék csak milyen pazar a látvány.

And nothing else has happened but we have been changing THE PICTURES ON THE WALL. It has been easy, hasn’t it?

And finally, let’s look at some furniture styles, without being exhaustive.


Its name implies that it is the atmosphere of times gone, elegant, fashionable interior design that we are dealing with. But this is still a very popular style, and not only among the elderly. They are characterized by spacious rooms, high ceilings, heavy drapes, noble material. Tip: If you want to furnish your apartment in this style, pay attention to avoid too dark colors.


Ornate buildings, flowers (color images) These images highlight the elegance. A Janosdevcsics photo taken of the ornate facade of a building contributes to the classic style of home décor.


It is one of the most popular home decoration styles. Its main characteristics are: stone floors, wide, airy spaces, little fabric, warm colours, small tables, cabinets. Tip: Although this style does not basically use a lot of drapery, nevertheless it is worth remembering primarily to choose light, flitting materials.


Botanical Garden by the sea (colour) ​​a beautiful photo of coastline taken by Janosdevcsics on the wall, flies us to the magical world of the Mediterranean.


Minimal has been one of the most popular styles for many years. Its features are clarity, simplicity, angular shapes with sharp corners. It is mainly characterized by black and white and the shades of gray colours. Tip: The excessive rigidity, sterility of this style can be compensated with pictures on the wall.


Modern or classic buildings, parts of buildings, in particular arches, lines- (black and white monochrome images) Janosdevcsics picture is a perfect complement to this trend. An extravagant effect can be achieved by placing a Janosdevcsics full-sized colour picture on the wall of a minimalist style living room to achieve a Wow effect.


It is a much less frequently found style than the ones mentioned above. It features pastel shades, rounded furniture, floral patterns, many textile materials, warm surfaces. Tip: This style best matches the most classic lines of the furniture and soft sofas, armchairs.


Flowers – in all quantities Clouds. People. If you like romantic style, people usually are close to you, which makes it ideal for a home to be decorated with such a Janosdevcsics picture where man and the environment are also displayed.


It is mostly favoured by young people. It is featured by the redesigned forms of the sixties and seventies, a lot of colours, rounded shapes, the overall effect is a bit futuristic. Tip: A retro-style apartment really looks good in wall papers, even in bright patterns and colours.


Details of cars (Colourful) flowers from very close. The atmosphere of a youthful, modern apartment in retro style can harmonically be amended by a Janosdevcsics picture of flowers in “details” format.


Here, now, I do not think of homes furnished with the items of the four-letter furniture store. Furnishing habits of the Nordic countries are characterized by clarity, functionality and simplicity. Bright colours, wooden flooring and furniture, simplicity and usability well characterize this style.

Tip: A few colourful accessories help us to brighten our homes of Scandinavian style.


In such interior, virtually any topic looks good; it can be colourful or black and white alike. A strong toned Janosdevcsics landscape can be a good counterpoint to the subdued colours of the Scandinavian style.


It is the harmonic mixing of other styles. This is the best description of this trend. The eclectic style is quite hard to define – unfortunately few people know how to use this method of furnishing properly, so the result is often a tangled, patchwork style. Tip: The point is on proportion. A major style is to be raised and then we can pick and add accessories of other trends.


Due to its character a Janosdevcsics picture of any topic can be chosen for the wall.


In other words, it is rural, rustic, in the noble sense of the word. Somewhat overlooked but it is undeniably a popular trend. Its key features are: useful and timeless furniture, usually made ​​of solid wood, leaving the excess decorative elements, it is not uncommon to leave the beams free to be seen, or apply window shutters. It is mainly characterized by the use of natural materials (stone, wood) for this type of interior. Tip: You can create a magical atmosphere in our rustic home, with an open -plan fireplace.


Landscape (Colour). A beautiful Janosdevcsics landscape on the wall may be the most beautiful jewel of a rustic home.

For most of today’s homes it is typical to include a mix of style. From one of them more, from the other one less features are used, thereby forming a specific and unique housing interior. From our gallery you can choose a variety of topics, different by size and demand, but you can surely find the best Janosdevcsics picture matching you and your home.


Yes, there is such a thing. Many believe it is totally unnecessary: a few plants will do and that’s it. Others, on the other hand, do not even know, there is such a thing as interior decoration in the office. You can still come across a few socialist-realist, unfriendly, inhuman, barren offices in Hungary, although on fewer and fewer occasions, which is promising. Also bare walls are typical of government offices with meagre budget. However, I have seen a business trading luxury brands with empty walls, because the owner did not let pictures put up. This is hard to grasp, because walls without paintings are unimaginable abroad. It is comforting to know that offices and businesses are dealt with separately in terms of interior decoration. Let’s take a look at the two most common styles.


Its characteristics are elegant furniture and bourgeoisie atmosphere. Elderly CEO’s or law firms choose this style. Unfortunately, classical offices are usually adorned with paintings, a practice, which is out of fashion. It is a problem, because customers do not see it as elegant, but as old-fashioned. Landscape photography with saturated colours is more likely to emphasize open mindedness and progressive thinking, and the customer would not feel like in a museum.


Classical building photography, details of ornaments, landscape (colour). A building photography by Janosdevcsics looks great on the wall in an office in classical style.


Just like in home furnishings, minimalist style has been very trendy in office decoration for years. It is characterized by monochrome colours and clear, rectangular furniture as well as glass and metal surfaces. Brokerage firms and IT companies opt for this style. Substituting the usual monochrome one with a picture of saturated colours on the wall could make an office in minimal style look extravagant.


Details of buildings, focusing on arches and lines (black and white, monochrome). A picture highlighting the details and structure of a building by Janosdevcsics is a perfect complement to this trend.

Tip: Besides furniture, lighting and fine art have a huge impact on the effect of the office.

It is easy to see, how different interior design styles can influence the atmosphere of the home or the office. In particular, this atmosphere can be genuinely defined and made individual with the use of photos and pictures.