Artist Statement

As I consider myself to be the same person as anybody else, I would like to express my ideas in as simple way as possible so that everybody can understand them.

And not only understand but like them.  If it is possible I would like them to be fascinated by the sight of my pictures.

 It is very important for me. That is the reason why taking my pictures is always preceded by careful planning. You have to choose the right location, time, part of the day etc.

First at the scene of the photo I choose the right technology, than I take the first version.

Many think that when you press the shutter release button, you have taken the picture, but at that time you are far from the ready picture. It is a long process, which starts well before exposure, and after it the pictures in the camera are to be handled as raw material to be developed. While developing the picture I add to it the set of emotional colours under the influence of which I could take photos, and they are the ones, I think, that are worth being shared with others.

This is the way, how I am able to express myself, to pass others my feelings through my pictures. I think this is the way how a simple,   good photo can become a picture, a piece of art. A lot of people think that you only need to know how to use a software program for taking and developing pictures, and nothing more. But it is used and controlled by a human being.

The greatest artists painted their pieces of art with paint-brushes, but we do not think that it was the paint-brushes that made the paintings. I consider my camera to be my paintbrush, and the technology is my canvas. I think about other technical ways as extending the mine of possibilities. The experts on taking photos know very well, that even a long time ago there were ways and methods of image alteration. The black -and-white negatives were with hard, soft, neutral contrast, the positive ones as well. Their combination provided numerous opportunities, but they were slower, more complex, environment polluting procedures. Not to mention the various filters, colour mixing procedures, changing the properties of the photo in a chemical way.

My photos are not documentary. I do not want to record the whole truth. After all, as in the case of a painter, the subjective impression has an impact on the imaging process. During this process, it is also important for me that the host can feel the same impressions as the ones that affected me. He should almost feel the summer breeze, the pleasant warmth of the spring sun that is germinating, hear the sounds of the sea. To achieve this objective, I think I have to use the old, not too mystical elements. Without these items, in the absence of their use in a creative way, my images would become only tourist photos, and they would be free of thoughts and emotional communication.

The moment that has passed may never return. These days the range of technical development of the camera allows us to freeze and fix the passing, never returning emotions and lights and all the moments in a photo. There is a long process from grabbing the passing minute to the completion of the photo in paper, but certain qualities of the artist are needed so that he can observe the importance of a moment and capture it and eventually it manifests itself in the hands of the creators in the appropriate form.